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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fixed Honda Fit CVT Shudder!

I am following up on my Honda Fit shudder issue I mentioned in my “Car Services on Kadena AB” post. Well I got the OIL EXTREME last week in the mail and I went straight home to try it out. I ordered the 16 oz. package, with comes with two 6 oz. bottles and a 4 oz. bottle. I believe this package is enough to treat your transmission and engine oil of your typical car, but I didn’t use more than 6 oz. for my Fit’s CVT. On the OIL EXTREME website that talks about curing Honda Fits’ shuddering issues, it says to use 2 oz. per liter of transmission oil. But on the bottle, it says to use 1.5 oz. of oil per liter, so I went with that number. Also, I don’t actually know how much total fluid the CVT has in it, so I went with 4 liters, since that is how much drained out when I put in the new Honda CVT oil in it a couple of weeks ago. I have a long funnel and I put the oil additive in through the CVT oil dip stick that is located near the front right bottom of the engine. I let the fluid drain out of the bottle for a couple of minutes, and then buttoned everything up, and I fired her up…

Well I reversed out of my parking space and put it in drive…and there wasn’t even a hint of shudder at all when I pulled away! It worked its magic in the span of time from going from reverse to drive, which is just seconds. This stuff is definitely no snake oil, and it got rid of that shudder just like that! I drove around base to make sure, and the Fit accelerated with power and never falter like before, and continues to run fine to this day. However, I think by draining out the old CVT fluid and replacing that fluid with the improved Honda CVT fluid really help this additive do its thing my case. If I never drained the old fluid out, would this additive still work? My gut tells me yes, but that wouldn’t have been an optimal situation for the CVT in this car, and I would have been just setting myself up for issues down the road. Either way, I would definitely recommend this product to other car owners with CVT issues, and after talking to the Auto Hobby Shop here on base, there are PLENTY on this island. I let the Auto Hobby Shop manager know of my experience and he was plenty impressed and said he would look into if his distributor carries this additive. So we might see OIL EXTREME up on the shelves at the auto hobby shop in the future. If you can’t wait that long, the maker of OIL EXTREME ships APO no problem, and the web address is right below…

I do want to note that their ordering website doesn’t accept APO address properly, you have to add your APO address in the remarks section when you finish up the order. You just have to use a stateside address to complete the order, so use your permanent address or something, and make sure to put your APO address in the remarks. That came straight from the owner and my stuff got here just fine. You will get an email confirmation on where to send it and to validate your CC info, especially if your CC billing address is the APO address as well. Good luck!


  1. I just wanted to update everybody on my experience with my Honda Fit. It is March 2014 and I happy to report that I have zero issues with the CVT still!

    1. I was wondering where you were able to buy the CVT fluid? Thanks.

    2. Directly from the website I have referenced in my post. I am not sure if they have re-sellers at this time. But here is the direct link to the order section of their website...

  2. Just wanted to let everyone know that my Honda Fit's CVT is still going strong, no issues! =)

  3. Umm...yea still going strong has been over two years now and no issues to report. =)