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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Honda Fit & Odyssey In-Cabin Air Filters

OK, I ordered new in-cabin air filters for our Honda Fit and Odyssey and I am glad I did! I was starting to get a musky smell in the Odyssey which prompted me to look into it. Well, I managed to find out where in the car the filter was off the internet and then I took a look at it. Let me tell you, it was black as night and I think there was a petrified lizard on it too! It basically looked like it was NEVER changed for the whole life of this car. I then checked the Fit’s in-cabin filter and while it was black as well, there were no petrified lizards on it at least. I order new filters through the Auto Hobby shop and swapped them as soon as I got them. The Honda Fit’s in-cabin filter was easy to swap out, but the Odyssey was a little more involved (you need tools). Either way, both cars smell “fresher” than they did and I also have the peace of mind that 10 year mold isn't floating around in the cars when I drive the family around. The filters came with installation instructions that are in Japanese, but I am sure they will still be helpful to help locate where the in-cabin filters are located in the Honda Fit and Odyssey… 

Honda Fit in-cabin filer install instructions

Honda Odyssey in-cabin filer install instructions

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