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Monday, March 10, 2014

Antminer U1 Review

Antminer U1

I managed to find a used Antminer U1 floating around in the area and said, “what the hell, why not!?”, and bought it. Well it was super easy to setup and I am chugging along at 2Gh right now on a mining pool. I am not sure I am going to meet ROI on it, but we shall see what it does this week. I found a good site with instructions on how to set it up and it was as simple as plugging it in the USB slot and hitting go! The link to that site is here…

Here is the link to the mining pool I am using. I am just mining BTC only, but you can set it up to mine whatever the pool mines…

I will update in a week to see how much BTC I made, if any…


  1. I know it has been over a week now, but I didn't have time before to post an update. Well, I made a whopping $0.75 at today's BTC exchange rates! I don't think that even covers the cost of electricity! Since I paid $40 for this thing, it is going to be awhile before I even break even!

  2. I think I broke even now....maybe....anyways I upgraded to two KnCMiner Jupiters, so check my post on that!