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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Okinawa Zoo & Wonder Museum

Are you looking for a good place to kill at least a half-day with your youngsters? Then the Okinawa Zoo & Museum is where you want to go! It is literally about 10 minutes (depending on traffic), out Gate 2 from Kadena AB. This place is totally geared for children, with some kid rides, wide open areas for them to run around, and plenty of kid friendly food. Now that the weather is starting to get nice, we decided to check it out one afternoon, and we felt like it was time well spent, even our 1yr enjoyed it. She actually enjoyed it so much I think, she was out like a light before we even got to close to Gate 2 back on Kadena AB!

Well here are some of the practical stuff…the place is more a less stroller friendly, however I seriously suggest you bring one regardless. There is no place you can’t get to with a stroller, and they do have elevators strategically placed to get by stair access points. I do want to note that this place is actually pretty big, with plenty of HILLS to transverse throughout the park. You will get a pretty good workout carting your kids around, that is for sure! Admission is cheap and much of the food and trinkets are cheap as well. There are plenty of activities that are geared for kids, like a petting zoo, fish feeding areas, and just plain wide-open spaces for them to run around in circles. Even though this time of the year is probably just the beginning of the visiting season for this place, there were a lot of kids there, so I can only imagine it will get more busy from here on out. I did notice they had stations for kids throughout the park, which looked like they had fun games and information for them, but it was all in Japanese though.

As far as the zoo goes, I think all the animal cages have the English names of the animals on them, but everything else will be in Japanese. Like most other “zoos” that we have visited here on the island, the animal cages are not 5-star by any means, but they looked clean and give good vantage points to see most of the animals. We didn't go by the museum, since we figured our 1yr wouldn't get much out of it anyways.

Well getting there is super easy, you can Google “Okinawa zoo” and Google maps should get you there. I also grabbed the English handouts, which has the address and the pricing on it for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Okinawa Zoo & Museum English Flier 

Okinawa Zoo & Museum English Map 
Okinawa Zoo & Museum Japanese

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