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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sports Massage/Therapy - CHRIST

I wanted to recommend this sports massage place that I have been going to as of late. My back tends to get out of wack every once in awhile, which is mostly due to extremely tight muscles on one side of my body. Over time this gets me all wound up and cranky, so I found these guys that will evaluate my condition and get to work on the muscles that need stretching/massaging. They are not expensive in my opinion, as I usually pay around $22-32, depending on what needs to be done. Each of my sessions are around 30-40 minutes and they got all the high tech stuff to work on your muscles as well.

They are really easy to get too, just go out Kadena Gate 3, turn left and go all the way down to the T-intersection (Rotary plaza), and then turn right. Go down a little bit and make a U-turn at the first light to get to their front parking lot. Their place is pretty easy to spot, look for CHRIST. Yes, an odd name for a massage place for sure, but it is an acronym. I have the Google map links below.

Google Maps

Address:   50-3 Kadena, Kadena-chō, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa-ken

I also have a pic of the membership card they can give you, which has their phone number and hours on it. It doesn’t cost anything, but it saves you the time of filling out any paperwork if you visit again. This is important, because their English is limited, but that is what Google Translate is for!

CHRIST Massage

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  1. Great people ... great help ... I wasn't able to walk more than 20 steps without great pain. I started going to them twice a week and within 2 weeks I was able to take walks on the beach with my wife ... highly recommended.