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Friday, May 9, 2014

Community Bank ATM Withdraw Limits

I wanted to share this information with you all, since it just popped into my mind for some reason, and I think it is good to know information for new people coming to the island. The Community Bank’s ATM cash withdraw limit for a single transaction is $800. I know this because I ran into this issue when I was buying my cars and it sucked having to go to the ATM for a week just to get all the cash out I needed. I have USAA and I had a $600 daily ATM cash withdraw limit for like, ever. It has been a non-issue for years, but when we got to Okinawa, it became pretty lame to make that daily stop to the ATM to get a lot of cash out. I can only imagine if you moved off-base too, and having to get all that cash out you will need to cover all the expenses, it would take weeks! Well, I called USAA about this and they happily move my ATM cash limit up to $2000 per-day! I have been with them for years, but I am not really sure what they factored in when they did that limit increase, so hopefully other USAA members can do the same just as easily. Oh, why $2000? They asked me what limit I wanted, and I just blurted out an amount that seemed “reasonable” to me, and well I guess it was to them too.

So that is how I came to find out what the true hard cash limit at the Community Bank's ATM was $800, but no biggie, I just started a new transaction and keep taking cash out. Bingo!

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