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Monday, October 13, 2014

Mysterious Okinawa Bioluminescent Bug!

OK, tonight I just saw a blue glowing bug about 2 feet from my patio in the grass! It looked like a small blue LED light glowing in and out, and moving slowly through the grass. After a beer in and enjoying a cig outside, I definitely thought I was seeing things, but it really was some kind of bug. Well I rush back in the house to grab my iPhone and my camera and by the time I cam back out I lost it. But I lightly brushed my foot across the grass where I saw it last, and low and behold it started glowing again! Of course it is dark out and both devices took crappy pics/vids, but I managed to get it blurry pic and video of it glowing. Then I had the bright idea to try and catch it and ran back inside to grab something to pick it up I grab a key. So yea, so I turned on the flashlight on the iPhone so I could find (blind) it, and I manage to get it to craw on to the key after losing on and off in the grass blades, it was tiny, like a 1/4 inch long, but eventually it crawled on the key. So right when I thought I had it, it flew away! I had no idea it could fly, else I would of put my hand around it, but I really didn't want to crush/hurt the guy. So all I am left from this experience is blurry pics/vids and probably a story no one is going to believe. I did a Google search and I found nothing about a small blue glowing bug on Okinawa, just glowing mushrooms, sea life, and even glowing habu eyes! I sat outside for a few minutes to see if it landed somewhere close, but I didn't see it again. If it is a new species, I got dibs! Maybe the recent typhoon blew him from somewhere or maybe there is radiation in my grass...Well I will definitely keep an eye out for it again though, and maybe someone reading this can tell me, "Yea those are everywhere, common, nothing special!" or not...
Here are the pic/vid and it looked like it had a small white head and a black body, and of course wings! It really was small, like a 1/4 inch in length and 1/8 inch wide. and even though it is green in the pic/vid, it definitely glowed blue.

Okinawa Bioluminescent Bug


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