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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Heavy MACH: Defense New Game Fix!

Heavy Mach Defense iOS
***Updated 04-Feb-16***

Here is my random post of the day!

Long story short, I love this basic iOS game called "Heavy MACH: Defense", however it hasn't been updated in a couple years. Needless to say, there has been two iOS updates since then and there is one glaring bug in the game can't start a new game because the keyboard will not come up when it is time to enter text! This really only affects new downloads/users, as they can't even start a new game, but existing users should not have this issue (unless they try to start a new game again). Anywho, I put my mind to it and I found a way to get going again and it is rather simple (sort of)...

1. Go to this website...

There you will find the link to a saved game file for the this game, with instructions on where to put the file. You can do this with or without a jail broken device. You will have to use programs called DiskAid, iFunBox, etc., for non-jailbroken devices, or you can use the iFile app for jailbroken devices.

Here is the direct link to the saved game file for those advance users that know what to do with it already...I also have the file and I will keep it, just in case this link goes dead in the future too...

2.  You will need to unzip the file with WinZIP or something similar AND then you will have to unRAR it too! I have no idea why they did that, but I suggest you get WinRAR or something to do that, which is free. Just Google "RARsoft". This software can open zip files too. 

2a.  I also just have the save file here, here is the direct link. So you don't have to unzip anything...

MEGA - Mach Defense Saved Game

3.  Once you have the saved file, follow the instructions in step 1., specifically where to put it.  You will need the software mentioned on that site to make that move though. Additionally, the directory names for your iOS apps are just a bunch of random letters/numbers at some point, so it is not as straightforward to find the game folder as I thought. But I just opened each folder, until I found a directory with a folder named "", but depending on how many apps you have on your iOS device; it may take awhile to find it. You then you just put the saved game in the "Documents" folder, and you are good to go. 

On my devices the location to place the saved file is here....

/var/mobile/containers/data/application/(random characters)/documents

This location for this save works on  iOS 8 and iOS 9 devices.

Finally, I want to note I didn't delete the game/reinstall anything like it mentions to do on that site. I just copied it over and the game loaded the save file just fine.

Well after doing all that, I have a functioning game now! Plus, you will have a crap load of money to spend on upgrades in the game too! Also, I am sure this process with work with "Heavy MACH: Battle", you just have to find a saved game for it somewhere... which I have tried to find, but I can't find one anywhere! So I would like anyone reading this with a saved game for Battle, to please share it with me and everyone else out there, so we can play the game again. Ideally, if you can make a new save/game (iOS 6), please share that, so it will be a fresh start for everyone else using it.

Finally, I apologize to the non-iOS power users reading this, as I just glossed over the finer details on making this happen. However, if enough people want a more detail write-up, I will give it a shot at a later date.


  1. work like a charm
    only one thing
    I want save game with no progress at all
    just a profile name
    where to find it ?

    1. i could not find a profile like that. however, i think you best bet is to find a save game editor for iOS and make the changes you want instead. good luck!

  2. tried and it says "Itunes file sharing" disabled. Do you know a work around w/o jailbreaking my ipad?

    1. i am not sure about that error, i am sorry. i have jailbroken devices, so i have no issues getting in the file system. Have the used the programs mentioned in the post for non-jailbroken devices yet?

    2. Yes I did, no luck, apple added something to IOS 8 and after to disable sharing. Some people have recommended adding a UIFileSharingEnabled key to the plist file but I am unfamiliar how to do that. What program would you recommend to JB my devices

    3. For iOS 9:
      For iOS 8: