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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Okinawa World

Ok, here is another post I wanted to do for some time and just forgot! Okinawa World! This place is perfect of the visiting in-laws haha. It is all about Okinawa and it has plenty of shopping for “Okinawa” and “Japanese” things, local dancing, and other exhibits…basically perfect for visiting in-laws and friends to check off their Okinawa experience to-do list. You can spend almost a full day there if you wanted to to, as they have food and drinks on site too. I am not going to get too much into it, as there are plenty of reviews of this place already on the interwebs. But here is the Google map link and brochure for your use…have fun!

Google Map Link:

English Brochure

Okinawa World

Okinawa World

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