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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Getting JCI done on Okinawa! Part 2016...

So it is that time again…the lame JCI, but for my second car. As I wrote this up in detail in a prior post, which is linked here ( Getting JCI done on Okinawa! , I won’t get too much into it. However, I wanted to share the latest info for 2016 and what my costs were this go around…ok then, lets’ go!

So I have a 500-plate 2007 Nissan Cube that is in good shape and I have had zero issues with it for the 2 years I have had it. Knowing this, I decided to wing this JCI again, and just take it down to the JSVRO.  What is the worst that can happen, right?? So my first step was to head over to the USO on Kadena and get a new JCI policy. As they typed that all up for me, they gave me a nice “how-to” while I waited with all the fees listed too, super handy! Here it is below…

JSVRO - JCI - Page 1

JSVRO - JCI - Page 2

Well luckily after I paid the lady there she told me that the JSVRO doesn’t do JCI inspections on Fridays…and it was Friday…dammit! I got up early for nothing it seems. I was trying to knock this out before we rolled into a 4-day weekend, oh well. Fast forward to next Tuesday (Monday was the holiday day off), and I headed over to the JSVRO. I drove there thinking smugly to myself that getting there at 9am I would beat the rush, and be in-and-out in less than an hour like the last time….yea not so much. My advice to you is to NOT do your JCI when everyone ELSE on the island has the time off too! Let’s just say I got there at 9am to a long line that was formed even before I got there and I didn’t get back to my front door until 2pm! Yup a complete waste of a day if you ask me, but it is freaking done now at least. Ok I am done bitching, and on with the story. In reality, the time spent on actually doing the admin stuff and the inspection was pretty quick. It was just all the waiting around that ate up my time. Funny YouTube videos on my iPhone definitely filled most of my time then.

So as far as the inspection went, I did well, except my rear license plate holder was missing a lower mounting bracket screw (no idea) and (surprise surprise!) my headlights needed an alignment. I am beginning to suspect the headlight alignment deal is a sham…I mean the inspection machine definitely showed I failed something since some of the blocks were red that I saw. It was just suspicious when almost everyone before me in the line was at the auto hobby shop for the same thing too…hmmmmm but whatever, at least it was just that and not some major repairs needed. So after I got that fixed, I went back and got the green lights and was good to go. Moral of the story, go early and on a day that NOBODY has off, since all of them are going to ALL have the same idea as you. Don’t waste a day like I did…

Here is a breakdown of my costs this go around….

1. JCI Policy:  13,230 Yen
2. Weight Tax:  15,800 yen
3.  Inspection Fee: $20
4.  Auto Repairs:  $24.60

Total: ~ $323.614

I didn’t include my insurance cost as I renewed it back in August and I am too lazy to see how much it was at the time. But I would count that to the total cost of ownership when you do your JCI as I assume most people’s JCI and Insurance are due at the same time. 

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